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Tactile Porcelain Cladding™ Digital Ceramic

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Our Digital Ceramic technology allows Architects and Designers to incorporate high definition images onto our Tactile Porcelain Enamel Metal™ Panels.

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Architectural Materials has developed technologies that give Architects and Designers the freedom to take any high definition image and integrate it onto our Tactile Porcelain Enamel Metal™ panels. Now highly detailed artwork can be displayed in a public space while providing the durability that Tactile Porcelain™ offers. Discuss with our design team how our Digital Ceramic technology may provide a solution for your next project.


Examples of Tactile Porcelain™ Digital Ceramic


Tactile Porcelain Enamel Metal - Digital Ceramic - Glass Artwork

Digital Ceramic, Cast Glass


Tactile Porcelain Enamel Metal - Weathered Steel Artwork

Digital Ceramic, Weathered Steel


Tactile Porcelain Enamel Metal |- Mineral Artwork

Digital Ceramic, Mineral


For more information on our Tactile Porcelain™ Digital Ceramic and learning about how Tactile Porcelain™ can be utilized for your art walls and signage project please click here.


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