Korean Pavilion

Korean Pavilion

Korean Pavilion

The six-story structure was created to house the “Korean Experience” within the 2010 World Exposition. The exterior features the Korean alphabet in various sizes and transparencies in a collage offset with digitally printed metal panels. The interior features pixelated mountains and the Han River running through the exhibit area along with live performance venues, VIP lounge and restaurants.

A unique tension façade support system comprised of a thin net of vertical and horizontal rods reduce the visual massing of the support members. The two-sided composite cladding is finished on both sides with a high gloss architectural coating, while the inside surface of the cladding acts as a reflector for the LED lights within the wall cavity. We utilized digital printing technology to recreate pixelated art images to support the architect’s design vision.


Mass Studies (Minsuk Cho)
Seoul, Korea


Shanghai World Expo 2010
Shanghai, China

Project Location:

Shanghai, China


Tactile Formed Aluminum™


Tactile Formed Aluminum Cladding™