The façade character is a worthy study of how to juxtaposition surfaces of honed limestone and cast bronze. While the honed limestone is smooth with a horizontal orientation the Tactile Smooth Platen Cast Bronze Cladding tm is vertically oriented and has an organic surface with fissures, metal flow lines and pock marks. The limestone is a soft buff color in contrast to the cast bronze with a dark patina with hints of the underlying cast bronze. The Tactile Smooth Platen Cast Bronze Cladding rain screen system is comprised of 12 mm (1/2”) bronze with stainless steel armatures and gutters along with bronze horizontal diverters. The large window cowlings were factory produced in three dimensional assemblies with crisp sightlines. The bronze corner panels are curved in several different radiuses to meld with some of the limestone details.


Atelier Andy Carson
Sydney, Australia

Project Location:

Freshwater, Australia

Scope of work:

Design, engineering, mold making, casting, fabrication, assembly and finishing of the Tactile Smooth Platen Cast Bronze Cladding™ including large flat panels, curved panels, soffits and three dimensional straight and curved window cowlings. The entire system is an open joint rain screen optimizing the shedding of accumulated blowing sand and dust with rainfall. The 12 mm thick cast bronze panels are integrated into our stainless steel track system with gutters and bronze diverters. The panels have a very organic surface with a custom patina and clear coating.