Apple Flagship Taipei

Apple Flagship Taipei

Apple Flagship Taipei

This Apple Flagship is located in one of the most prominent malls serving the large local and visitor consumers.  Our Tactile Polished GFRC is the predominant interior and mall front material. We designed, engineered, fabricated and provided Install-Assist featuring cast curved panels, column covers, soffits, wall cladding and integrate of Apple logos, Polished GFRC doors and unique conditions.  The interior joinery is 3mm (1/8”) with some panels 2500 mm (8’0”) X 6000 mm (20’0”) requiring our precision casting and polishing technologies. The gloss rating and color of each panel was measured by our proprietary computer systems to insure a consistent surface across all interior and exterior surfaces.


Foster + Partners
London, England 

Project Location:

Taipei, Taiwan 

Scope of work:

Design, engineering, production of mockups and project encompassing 900 square meters (10,000 square feet) of Tactile Polished GFRC, Tactile Large Clad Pivot Doors, Logo integration and unique conditions.