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Fully Integrated Tactile Cladding™

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Fully Integrated Single Source Tactile Cladding™ Solutions Ensures That The Project Will Reflect Your Inspired Design.



Our Tactile Cladding™ spans across our four material categories. This ensures your entire project cladding requirements can be executed by Architectural Materials from design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and Install-Assist™. On a recent interior cladding project, we design, engineered, manufactured, assembled, and provided Install-Assist™ for steel sub-framing, Tactile Cast Bronze Cladding™, Tactile Polished GFRC™, and our Tactile Leather Cladding™. Everything fit perfectly….no clashes and tight tolerances of 1/16″ (1.5 mm).



Our Tactile Polished GFRC™ was the principal cladding from both the interior and exterior of this Global Flagship store in Dubai. We designed, engineered, manufactured, and provided Install-Assist™ for the steel sub-framing, Tactile Polished GFRC™, Tactile Stainless Steel™ trim elements, integration of fire sensors, elevator lobby fixtures, lighting, and large curved access and man doors. No clashes with 1/8″ (3 mm) joints between our Tactile Polished GFRC™ panels….some of them over 20’0″ (6,000 mm) tall.


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