Private Residence Monterrey

Private Residence Monterrey

Private Residence Monterrey

This stunning residence is nestled discretely in a well-established neighborhood and features fascia elements that bring depth and visual interest. The Tactile FRP/Melded Metal Cladding includes transition panels at the inside and outside corners that are cast as one piece eliminating unsightly corner joints. The actual bronze metal was cast into the mold and melded to our FRP substrate for a monolithic surface. Following the casting process the Tactile Melded Metal™ was burnished to highlight the articulated sand and scoped surfaces. The fascia elements were designed into the interior at the taller volumetric spaces creating continuity and warmth.



Project Location:

Monterrey, Mexico

Scope of work:

Design, engineer, fabricate, finish and assemble exterior and interiwor façade cladding including attachment system.