Taj Mahal Hotel

Taj Mahal Hotel

Taj Mahal Hotel

This South Mumbai landmark was completed in 1903 and remains today the preeminent hotel in all India as well as the corporate icon for Taj Hotels Worldwide. The structure is exposed to dramatic climate changes and has weathered well considering the dynamics of annual monsoons, settling of earth, and the poor maintenance regimen over the past 100 years. The client endeavors to return the building to its original design, which requires removal of added elements and restoration of all facade components. Extensive survey work and testing was required to ensure that remediation of the facade was in concert with restoration of the supporting structure and operating systems within the building. Ultimately, the facade will be returned to its original glory as envisioned by the design architect in the late 1800’s.



Taj Hotels


Project Location:

Mumbai, India

Scope of work:

Avante Facades provided facade restoration oversight including preservation survey, quantity survey, unit price development, testing and facade construction management of facade remediation.