Building Enclosure Studios

Building Enclosure Studios

Firm Profile

Our Forward-Thinking Design + Consulting™ is focused on delivering value based innovative, aesthetic and high performance building envelopes to our clients.   Each  of our 60+ members of our team during façade concepts through completion are committed to the same value proposition ever step of a project evolution.   Our culturally diverse team members on three continents constantly cross pollinate ideas to insure the best possible outcome for our clients.  This focus has been applied to well over 1,000 projects of many building typologies ranging from high-rise towers to intimately scaled cultural buildings in over 20 countries since 1997.

A Culture of Collaboration

We embrace the many voices that are part of Forward-Thinking Design + Consulting tm.  Not only is our team made up of architects, engineers, product designers and construction managers that specialize in facades we recognize that our customers are comprised of many different professionals with unique insights.  We enjoy the robust debates and free flow of ideas during façade charrettes that result in inspiring façade architecture.  During the material and system evaluation process we support design professionals with access to some of the latest material and system technologies to broaden the conversation.  These conversations often bring new ideas and applications that reap both aesthetic and performance rewards.



Adaptive Technologies

A principal tenet of our firm is that façade materials and systems can utilize adaptive technologies from industries beyond the conventional façade solutions.  Our research of break through technologies of aerospace, automobile, electronics and many others often leads us to unique façade applications that would not otherwise be considered.  Several examples include the use of light weight high yield composites, sensory coatings and variable hydraulic metal forming to create highly complex planes, comfortable surfaces and curvilinear façade elements.  Often these adaptive technologies open up options for new façade aesthetics, performance and long term durability.



Global Reach

Quickly following our modest beginnings clients started asking us to support projects in Asia, South Asia, North East Asia, Africa,  Middle East and Europe.   In our 25th year we have completed projects in 15+ countries/SARs including America, Mexico, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Mauritius, Oman, Dubai, Qatar, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Romania.  We established fully staffed offices in India in 2002, Korea Affiliate in 2007 and Turkey in 2010.  Our high standards of practice remain the same regardless of office or project location.  Given the global reach of both architects and building owners our footprint bridges distance and culture to ensure a smooth quality outcome for facades elements.



Forward-Thinking Design + Consulting Newsletter

Our newsletters are focused on new technologies, case studies and lessons learned along the way.  We avoid the dry droning on of a sales pitch and share real happenings and developments that hopefully inform, enlighten and occasionally amuse our readers.  We attempt to cross geographic and cultural distances since we are actively involved in markets around the world.  We can never predict what may come of a nascent technology that is taking form and we want to be on the forefront of adapting technologies to the façade industry and sharing the information to everyone’s benefit.  If you do not receive our Forward-Thinking Design + Consulting™ Newsletter please use this link to subscribe at no cost.   Your information will not be shared with any other parties.


Façade Careers

We understand that we are the sum total of our people and their experience.  We are constantly seeking talented architects, engineers, product designers and construction managers that have a minimum of five years of experience in the façade industry.  It is our expectation that candidates can demonstrate excellent communication skills both verbal and in writing.  Multi-lingual skills are highly desired given our geographic markets.  Beyond communication we require that candidates have developed high caliper skills in AutoCad, Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper and 3DMax.  Engineering candidates must be capable of utilizing complex software to support structural analysis, thermal dynamics, blast loads and seismic.  Qualified candidates must be fully authorized to work in a specific Avante Facades office.  Unfortunately we are not able to offer sponsored employment at this time.  To apply please send your current CV along with references and portfolio of work (10 MB or less) to [email protected]