Building Enclosure Management

Building Enclosure Management

Building Enclosure Management

Building owners have become increasingly aware of having a single source of building enclosure management to optimize the maintenance and long-term performance of exterior elements.  Our firm provides a comprehensive resource that is focused on insuring that the building enclosure is safe, performs well in all environmental conditions, reduces energy consumption and is maintained over time to reduce remediation costs.

Construction Management

Building owners often ask for our oversight of any construction activity that may involve the remediation or periodic maintenance to the building enclosure.  The benefits of this service beyond oversight is the building will maintain continuity of records that may result in more comprehensive maintenance.  This may also include recommendations for sequencing, staging of materials, rigging, scheduling, protection, quality assurance and as-built conditions.

Field Testing

Our team of building enclosure experts provide a wide array of field tests to determine the current performance levels of the exterior elements.  We follow rigid industry guidelines for testing regimens including AAMA and ASTM standards.  Testing including air infiltration, water penetration, field chamber tests and infrared thermography to determine actual performance of the building enclosure system performance.


The professional practice of building enclosure commissioning is best started from the very beginning of the building design, remediation or modernization.  The process facilitates the planning, design, construction, installation and testing verification, documentation, and operation of facilities and systems to conform to the building owners project requirements.

Annual Inspections

Many cities are enacting building enclosure inspections to maintain a certificate of occupancy.  Annual inspections can mitigate problems that may degrade quickly causing either undermine building performance  or a potential life safety issue.  Having annual inspections and log books demonstrating results of inspections and action items requiring additional remedial action are invaluable.