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Our inspired architecture™ newsletter highlights projects where the architect embraced our materials or products and then asked “but what if…”

For our firm, it is the highest form of flattery to have architects engage in the process of creating new applications and stretching the boundaries with our materials or products. Although we commit resources and energy to material and product development via our Tactile Labs™, oftentimes the best ideas evolve from an architectural vision. We celebrate those collaborations via the inspired architecture™ newsletter.

Global Flagship Store, Dubai Mall
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Foster + Partners
London, England


Our Tactile Concrete™ Polished GFRC was embraced to create monolithic surfaces with visual depth and warmth utilizing glass aggregates and special pigments. The project features two large staircases with integrated handrails and large curvilinear panels. We developed a method to cast the handrail termination and transition panels to eliminate additional joints and support the architect’s vision of creating staircases with a sculptural character. Some of the Tactile Concrete™ Polished GFRC is up to 8’0″ wide and 24’0″ tall with 1/8″ joints. Our material clad all of the staircase surfaces with the exception of the stair treads and landing.


Product Development
Architectural Materials USA, Inc.