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Design Assist

Focused on supporting your design vision

We never forget that our inspiration comes from architects, so our process is focused on supporting the architect’s design vision. Our firm, as well as most architects, subscribe to the idea that the sooner materials and products can be developed and/or adapted to a project during the design process, it always serves the project well. Our DESIGN ASSIST program supports the design team by developing finite materials, products, details, hand samples, mock-ups DURING the concept, schematic and design development. Along the way we develop rough order of magnitude (ROM) pricing to insure that the materials and products developed meet the budget expectations of the client. Ask us about how our DESIGN ASSIST program can be tailored to the needs of your next project.



Our Process




Architect, designer or building owner sends AM an inquiry regarding a project and products or materials. If project details or information have not been provided an AM team member will reach out and request the required information.


Product Manager Review

Once the project information is received a Product Manager that specializes in the product or material will review and provide additional product or material information and rough order of magnitude (ROM) pricing.



When the project contractor or owner request final pricing and scope the AM estimating team will review the existing ROM and generate a proposal for the products, material, scope, schedule and any special conditions.


Award of Contract

Once AM and the client have come to an agreement on scope, price, schedule and terms our proposal is executed and a post-award meeting is scheduled with the assigned AM project management and engineering team.


Product Engineering and Project Submittal Drawings

We often arrange a charrette with the architectural team to better understand the design hierarchy of the elements that we are providing. This insight is critical as we develop the project submittal drawings. Submittal drawings are developed and an internal peer review is conducted prior to each submittal.


First Article Mock-up and Production

Once the first article is produced the architectural team is invited to our research center to view the mockup. Once approved production is scheduled to support the project requirements.


Quality Control

We develop a QC regimen for each project, product and material. The QC process begins with the sourcing of raw materials and carries through production. Our production facilities have QC modules with special lighting and surfaces to ensure that the quality of our products and materials meet or exceed our predetermined quality threshold. Each product or material has a QC Final Data Sheet that has a number of items including finish, dimensions and tolerance. This information is sent with the product shipment.


Packaging and Logistics

Our packaging process includes the design of crating and dunnage to ensure the materials arrive safely. Our logistics group assesses potential routing, method of shipment and scheduling for the most efficient logistics solution.


Request Information

Most of our materials and products are a starting point to create something truly unique. We don’t list every product we make on our website so please contact us for additional information.

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